It all ended on One Dark Day.

The Gods went silent. The Storms roared to life. The Black Riders came.

For each of the young heroes, the world ended.

But they will survive. They will fight back. They will rebuild.

It all started on One Dark Day.

Welcome to One Dark Day, a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition campaign run by me, StoryDaddy, in Austin, TX, and slated to begin late July or early August, on a night to be determined by consensus from the group. If you’ve been invited to the game, welcome, it’s about damn time you accepted the invite you ingrates. If you’re a visitor, hello! We are a very friendly group of mixed-experience roleplayers with a history in White Wolf, D&D4e, and True D20’s Mutants and Masterminds (and a few other systems scattered here and there – GURPS comes to mind). While I’m not looking for a particular number of players, availability, other commitments, and general life-crappiness necessitates that I at least seriously entertain the option of bringing in new blood. So, welcome! I hope you’ll give it a look.

Interested in playing? Good. I have some caveats.

This is going to be a fairly non-standard campaign to begin, and will become like your typical hack n’ slash, dungeon-filled, exciting pulpy romp through the general fantasy worlds of D&D 4e as time moves forward. To start with, because of story reasons, I’m restricting classes to the primal, martial, and arcane power sources only (and any future power sources that are released), and, if you start with the group, you’ll have some (minor) restrictions to your character’s life story up to present day. All races but Revenant and Warforged (again, story reasons) are allowed. Still interested? Send me an email (I check it every day) and we can discuss the meat.

For my old players, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more and more about this as time goes on.

Good luck!

One Dark Day

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