The One God, lord of Deaths and Ender of Things


Favored Weapons: Pick, Scythe, and Fullblade

Symbols: A black circle held by an armored fist

Domains: Civilization, Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Moon, Skill, Storm, Strength, Sun, Tyranny, War, Winter

Who worships him: Exclusively worshipped by his armies and servants.

First date of appearance: DD 1 (The first year after the Dark Day)


The immortal God-Emperor Gone, who presides over the blasted world with an iron fist, is the only Deity of Torn, the known world. All other gods went silent on The Dark Day, and Gone emerged on That Day as the last true God.

He is not a kind god, he is not a merciful god or a good god. He is a god of death, and subjugation, and possessed of absolute power over many domains. He is the only source of Divine power, and it is only his favor and personal grace that bestows that power. No prayers but prayers to him are answered. None pray to him save those who serve him. And none serve him save those that would crush the world beneath iron heel and hoof, and bend all races and peoples to his Iron Will.

Gone is a God of unflinching authority and strict duty. His priests are warriors clad in black armor, their solemn prayers punctuated by the sweet songs of torture and execution. His generals, unholy Revenants willingly sacrificed and brought from the brink of Death again to serve Him.

On One Dark Day his hordes swept through the world, murdering civilization and prosperity and replacing it with desolation and desperation. On One Dark Day, it is said, he silenced the Gods all at once and banished them from Torn for all time. On One Dark Day, he burned the world to the ground and starting laying a new foundation on the bones and blood of the peoples that inhabited it.

But it is not a Dark Day today, and Gone must be stopped.


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