Aztec/Sumerian witch doctor into body modification


Eladrin Warlock (Dark pact) Familiar: Floating horned humanoid-ish skull, named Badskull Armament: Macahuitl (Wooden sword edged with obsidian, pretty much a longsword) (usable as implement, cuz of Eladrin shit) and/or spear (similarly obsidian and implementable) Appearance: Hodgepodge of leather straps, hides, and miscellaneous fetishes and talismans. Multiple body piercings, mostly made of bone, and abstract tattoos in colors not often seen nowadays. Files teeth to points, has been known to embed gemstones in them. Series of bone-and-bronze piercings around lower jawline, along with solid black tattoo gives the impression that the bottom half of his face is a gaping maw. Forked tongue. Shaves and spikes up hair irregularly.



One Dark Day Tacomouth